About the artist

Denis H. Gauthier has been working with wood for most of his life. His grandfather, who was a master craftsman, exposed him to woodworking at an early age. It was here that he developed his love of wood. As a young man Denis was always designing and building projects out of wood. Got involved in various crafts and enjoyed carpentry challenges as a homeowner. He brings all three of these experiences to his turnings.

His turning journey started in the early 1980's with some formal training with a Vancouver based turner and followed with several workshops and countless hours applying his knowledge and skills. His job started interferes with his woodturning and Denis took an early retirement in 2008 to concentrate on his passion.

Denis is always searching for that special look and feel which Northern Ontario and Quebec wood species have held secret for millions of years.

Working with hand-picked wood, carefully harvested because it has been shaped by disease, storms, or long life, "Denis does not decide what to do with the wood in my lathe; it tells him what it will be, by its grain, nuances, colors, feel and weight."